Middle school students

Strong Mind Strong Body Foundation

Building Strong Communities

Community-led | Youth-focused

Our youth are the future of our communities. Yet, too often they are seen as a threat, problem or “at-risk” rather than as people with talents and knowledge that can be resources to build a stronger society. We support programs that develop our youth as future leaders, whether in social justice workshops, STEM enrichment resources or sports. All of our projects have in common that they are led by people from the communities they serve.

Youth providing input on community issues

Youth Services

We support extracurricular programs, whether cultural activities, civic engagement, student journalism or athletics that have an impact on youth outcomes. Learn more.

Supporting Educators

We provide free educational resources to learn mathematics, English, Spanish and Indigenous languages to Title I schools.  Learn more

Community Grants

We fund non-profit organizations providing services to a a single neighborhood, small town or rural community. We do not provide grants to individuals. Grants range from $150 to $1,500. Learn more.