Youth providing input on community issues

How we strengthen communities

We believe communities grow from local roots. Thus, we support programs that serve a single community, school, town, or neighborhood, with local leaders. Our support includes:

  • Small grants of $1,500 or less to fund specific projects (apply here).
  • In-kind support in provision of administrative or technical staff and supplies

Where we focus

Geographically, we focus predominantly on the Upper Midwest, Great Plains, Southern California, Hawaii, and Oregon, as these are locations where we have strong roots and a volunteer base. Regarding projects, we primarily support education, youth services, civic engagement, preventive health, and sustainable agriculture.

Child digging in the dirt

Grant Eligibility Criteria

We fund projects that are:

  • Local in scope, serving a single neighborhood, small town, or rural community
  • Addressing needs for education, youth services, health, or sustainable agriculture
  • Administered by a non-profit organization
  • Requesting from $150 to $1,500

Send us your request

To receive an application for grant funds, complete this grant eligibility form.
Please note that we do NOT award grants to individuals or for-profit organizations.