Kids at judo practice

As our name implies, we believe in a strong mind in a strong body.

Grants and In-kind Donations

We have funded youth sports programs in under-served communities. We provide instructors, uniforms and travel funds for the Gompers Judo program in south Los Angeles, including their participation in the annual Fight for the Cure tournament.

We have given scholarships to youth entrepreneurs for an entrepreneurship conference in North Dakota.

Our staff provide support for youth civic engagement and citizen journalism projects in Minneapolis.

Every year, we offer micro-internships as the first job opportunity for youth in under-served communities. These paid positions, 10 hours per week over six weeks, introduce youth to careers in the technology sector as well as teach both office applications and soft skills.

Crossroads: Software to Support Counseling and Assessment for Youth at Risk

Welcome! What happens next is up to you. That is the message in the introductory movie of Crossroads: New Decisions. It’s also our message for our user community, both youth and professionals. Here you’ll find everything you need to use Crossroads software in your efforts to understand and aid youth in the choices they face in life. Start learning about Crossroads and get free access here.