Step 1: Open the Crossroads app.

Go to the Crossroads app icon on your phone’s homepage. Open the Crossroads app in which you want to create a username and password.

Step 2: Answer “Yes” to the welcome screen question.

After opening the app, you will see the Crossroads app title page. Then you are taken to the welcome screen. On the welcome screen, you will see the question “Is this your first time here?” Since it is, tap on the answer “Yes.”

Step 3: Watch the Crossroads introduction video.

After tapping on “Yes,” the Crossroads introduction video will start to play. Watch the introduction video.

Step 4: Input a username and password

After the Crossroads introduction video finishes, you are taken to the screen where you create your username and password. Put in the chosen username in the box that says username and put in the chosen password in the password box. After both are entered, tap on “Get Started.”

Note: 1. If that username already exists, then tap on “Try Again” to go back and choose another username. 2. If you get the “Internet Connection Error” message, choose to proceed without an internet connection by tapping “Yes” to play Crossroads.

After tapping “Get Started,” you can start playing the Crossroads app.