Choices is one of three games we offer for players aged 13 and older. The others are Crossroads: Options and Crossroads: New Decisions. Although players can benefit from playing in any order, we recommend beginning with Choices.

In Crossroads Choices, players face six scenarios where they need to select the correct answer to get through the game while earning virtual money in each module that can be spent on clothing, furniture, and more. You may think that some of these scenarios would be appropriate for children younger than 13 and we agree with you but the Apple app store doesn’t. Apparently, abuse, drugs and domestic violence cannot be discussed until children turn 13. Go figure!

Program staff should be aware that this app collects data on the Adverse Childhood Events Scale (ACES) and Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale for Children (CESD-C).

These data, particularly the Adverse Childhood Events Scale

Crossroads: choices covers six topics

  1. Safety when there is a party in the house without a parent or guardian.
  2. Needles on the playground
  3. Domestic Violence
  4. Safety Bag
  5. Motivational Interviewing
  6. Assessment: Depression and ACES

1. Safety during a house party

In this scenario, your parents are hosting a party at home, someone is looking at you in a way that makes you uncomfortable. You can’t find your parents. What should you do? Pick the correct answer. Once you’re safe, you wake up the next morning and see gophers eating vegetables in your garden. Ugh! Get paid for every gopher and spend your virtual money wherever you like.

2. What!? Needles on the playground?

What’s that you found? Needles on the playground outside of the after-school club building? Wait, that’s definitely dangerous! What should you do? Pick the correct answer, or you’ll hear the consequences. Can you make it across the basketball court to the club building?

3. Motivational Interviewing

There are good situations and bad ones. In this module, help Jessie identifies what she likes and doesn’t like about her situation. Next, help her determine what she can and cannot change about her life.

4. Assessment: Depression and ACES

In this module, you’ll look for  Jessie. Once you find her, you show her that it is not so difficult to answer the counselor’s questions. You complete a depression inventory, answer some questions on your relationships and past events from your childhood.

5. Domestic Violence

The adults in your house are fighting. They are yelling and hitting each other. What should you do? Pick the correct answer and play a driving game where help comes to pick you up. Also, earn virtual money you can spend in our virtual mall.

6. Safety Bag

Do you know what a safety plan is? You will learn by packing a safety bag. You have a minute to find everything on your list. Then select an avatar to get advice.

7. Anticipating change in family member’s addiction

Jesse wants to be hopeful when her aunt decides to go to rehab. On the other hand, can people really change? And, if she does, what will happen to Jesse? Record your thoughts and feelings here.

Download “Crossroads: Choices here