New Decisions is one of two games we offer for players age 13 and older. The other is Crossroads: Options. Although players can benefit from playing either game, we recommend beginning with New Decisions.

Players begin by being introduced to our main character, Jessie. They learn how to play the game and customize their own avatar. They can spend money they earn in each module in the clothing, furniture and gift store. More stores open in the second game.

Crossroads: New Decisions covers six topics

  1. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  2. Unsupervised teen parties
  3. Budgeting
  4. Safety plan
  5. Motivational interviewing
  6. Assessment: Depression and Adverse Childhood Events

Driving under the Influence

You’re drunk but your friend doesn’t look that high. What should you do?

In this scenario, you’ve had quite a few beers, you have no money and one of your friends looks less high than the rest. What should you do? Pick the correct answer and play a driving game where Grandma comes to pick you up in a snowmobile. Also, earn money you can spend in our virtual mall. Get it wrong and hear the consequences.

Unsupervised Parties

What do you do when the party gets out of control?

Where did you get that alcohol or drugs you were driving under the influence of? Oh, right, at that party where the parents weren’t home. Select the right choice when things start getting out of hand. Once you have cleaned the place up, go in the backyard and play a game where you whack all the gophers. Get paid for every gopher and spend that money (virtually) wherever you like.

Making a Budget

Go in that house and find all the bills – first, cross the basketball court at the park to get there

When you have money problems, where do you even start? Get across the basketball court to your house. Try finding all your bills and making a budget. Search through every room. You can keep all the money you find and spend it in the store.

Safety Plan

Help me pack a safety bag

Do you know what a safety plan is? Start learning about it with packing a safety bag. You have one minute to find everything on the list.

Motivational Interviewing

Identify what you can and cannot change, and what is good and bad about a situation

Most situations have good and bad about them. Most people do, too. In this module, help Jessie identify what she does and doesn’t like about her situation. Next, help her determine what she can and cannot change about her life.

Assessment: Depression and ACES

Where is Jessie and why is she upset?

In the assessment module, you’ll find Jessie and then complete a depression inventory, answer some questions on relationships and events in your childhood.

Now that you’ve read about Crossroads: New Decisions, I’m sure you’re dying to know where to get it.